The 5 Steps of Dress Your House for Success

The Dress Your House for Success DVD shows sellers how easy the five steps are, and the checklist is full of tips to organize the process.
When in doubt, throw it out, sell it, store it or give it away! If a house is cluttered – regardless of its actual size – it feels smaller. In this section sellers learn how to present a feeling of organization.
Clean to sell means cleaner than ever before. And that every room smells as clean as it looks! Jump-start this step with a professional cleaning service. Included are tips to manage pets.
Making repairs now can save money and negotiation stress down the road. This step looks at every item that could need repair and stresses scheduling repairs so everything is complete before the house’s debut.
Create a home for any lifestyle and taste. Sellers will learn that neutral paint, décor and carpeting help buyers mentally “move in,” while highly personalized or dated decorating may make it difficult for a buyer to imagine that their furnishings will fit.
Staging builds an emotional connection by helping buyers imagine daily life in the house. From the curb to the basement, this step helps sellers evaluate the subtle messages of every area of the house and how to set the stage to say, “Welcome Home!”

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