Martha Webb

A Pioneer in Real Estate Staging
Martha Webb is often accredited with launching the staging industry. Her Dress Your House for Success video and checklist have sold over one million copies. Her Certified Home Marketing Specialist course has been heralded by agents across the country as one of the best real estate marketing classes available.
Martha and her home buying and selling concepts have been featured in media across the country, including Good Morning America, CNN, and The New York Times. She has hosted a HGTV program, has been a featured columnist for Home Made Simple and a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble.
It all started with a house to sell. Martha did what most homeowners do and called a few real estate agents. Each agent suggested a similar listing price. Wanting to get top dollar and not leave any money on the table, Martha used her experience as a film producer to prepare her house for market: as if seeing every detail through a viewfinder, she staged each room to evoke the emotions of home. After she was done, the agent decided to list it higher. Within hours, Martha received a full-price offer, and thus the legend of Dress Your House for
Success began.
Now, over 20 years later, Dress Your House for Success remains the top selling real estate staging program. And, Martha continues to be actively engaged in making real estate more profitable for agents across the country.
Martha’s work in corporate communications has earned national and international awards for film, video and multi-image work, including the International Film & TV Festival of New York, Council on International Non-Theatrical Events (CINE), the American Film Festival, the International Travel Film Festival and the U.S. Industrial Film Festival. She is a former president of the Minnesota Film Board.
Accomplishments and awards aside, however, Martha is singularly dedicated to improving the real estate business of every individual agent she works with. She understands the complexities and changing nature of today’s real estate climate and is committed to providing the tools agents need to find success in any market.